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Be brave.

Happy Sabbath.

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Kitty Tour


Just walking around the house, tidying a bit, and scoping out where all the kittys like to hang out. Jiffy likes a nice, soft place without too many wrinkles. Fleece is her favorite, but she’s adapting for the moment and choosing and afghan because the floor heater is nearby. She just wants to be warm and comfy.


Peach will take anything that the other cats have made look good. If they’ve EVER slept on it, she’s sure to be there next. Silly thing. She’s growing up so big and pretty.


And then, of course, there’s the guy. Good, old Beany. We flipped his bed over and he likes it ten times better than before–as long as it’s right at my feet. I’m certain it’s because he becomes totally invisible this way. So, invisible, in fact, that I’ve tripped over him twice. If it wasn’t for that little white paw…you wouldn’t even know he was there.

Well, that, and the snoring.

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This Week’s Top Ten Recipes~

Caramel Corn Puffs 2

Lucky Mint Pinwheels 2

Smoothie Packs 2


Brazilian Limeade 2

Fudge Balls 2

Candy Sushi 2

Cadbury Eggs

Amish Bread

Sausage Cheese Balls

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Just in case you needed something scrumptious to do.

Have a good weekend friends.

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Pink Swirly Turtle


I made one of these cute little turtles for Miss Chompy when she was a baby.


When a friend saw it, they said, “When I have a baby–I want one of those!”


Now that day is here. She has her own sweet little one. So, naturally, she needs her own baby turtle too. I found the original pattern at Lion Brand Yarn‘s website. I added a double row of pink shell stitches around the edges…just for fun.


Do you think she’ll like it?

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Mystic Mermaid Cocoon


Have you EVER seen anything so adorable in your life?!!

I found this sweet little fishy baby on b.hooked crochet and I just keep staring and staring at it. The pattern is there for FREE too. And you know what I say…you can’t beat free.

If only I knew someone who was having a baby girl soon.

Oh, wait…

I do.

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