Flower Vines

100 Happy Days #31


Here’s just one of the projects in one of the crochet bags that I drag around with me everywhere. It’s call “Flower Vines.” It will make a lovely afghan…for someone.  Haven’t figured that part out yet.

Maybe me.



Can’t Beat Free~

100 Happy Days #30


You might have no earthly idea what you’re looking at right now–so I’ll tell you. It’s my doTERRA order for this month. Check out all those zeros, would you? Know what those are? Hmmmm? Those represent all the FREE stuff that I got this month by using my Free Product Points. I’ve been in doTERRA for over a year now so I get 30% of everything I spend back in free product credit. Find me a store that does THAT! Anyway, this is my receipt for $198 worth of products that I didn’t pay a dime for, thank you very much. Makes me pretty darn happy. And that’s not to mention the regular income each of my kids and I are getting. Awesome, I tell you.

If you’d like more info on how this works–just let me know. I’m thrilled to blab, especially about doTERRA. I mean seriously–

who doesn’t like amazing stuff~

when you can get it for




Crochet OCD

100 Happy Days #29


I have so many different crochet projects in the works that sincerely, I don’t even know what to post first. The thing is, I need lots of different things going on to suite the circumstances. For instance, I need something small and easy to take to the kids soccer games. I can do a bigger project with complicated instructions if I’ll be spending a few hours alone, uninterrupted. A big bulky, repetitive thing–like an afghan can sit beside me while I watch tv. And lastly, if it’s a project with lots of little pieces that need to be spread out and kept track of–well, that stays in my room where I can lay it out on the bed. See? There is actually order in my bazillion different bags, even if it seems like I need to settle down to focusing on one thing at a time.

Yeah. Ain’t gonna happen.

But do stay tuned. Next project in the ocd pile coming up soon.



It’s Baaaack~

100 Happy Days #28


Winter, I mean. We woke up to all of this stuff pelting the window with all it’s frosty, haily might. And man was it loud. The wind had the decency to blow it all into nice, tidy Camelot-type piles that really did just disappear altogether after an hour. The week of warm days was lovely, but I don’t mind a bit of snap back in the air for a little longer. After all, growling old March can only rage for a few more days and then it will most likely be forced–by April, to behave.

I like soup and hot chocolate enough that when it’s nippy out, I still clap.




100 Happy Days #27


I mean…YOGA!! I’ll admit, I’ve never tried it, never really given it a chance. And so here I am thinking that maybe…just maybe a slower, more relaxed approach might just help me get moving a bit. Hopefully my knee will cooperate and I’ll be the neighborhood yogi in a matter of weeks. Heh, heh.

Hey, wait…


what does that say? “…for INFLEXIBLE people.” What kind of lame-o negative affirmation is that?! Ok, my clever transposing brain will auto correct that title this very minute. From now on, it will read–to my brain at least, “Essential Yoga For Greater Flexibility.” Much, much better.

Good grief.

Somebody needs an editor.




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