Late Last Night~

in our front yard…


I was called to the window to see…


this sweet thing.


We were stunned.


This has never happened before because we live just off the main drag and a good 2 miles from the mountains.


Not to mention the big lighted car lot that this pretty thing had to cross to nibble our grass…


or crab apples…


or pine cones…


or whatever it was.


But she left while we were watching and then–from the footprints, we could tell she came back again before morning.


We loved it.


Felt kinda magical.



Our Silly Snow

It may not look like all so much to you, but I’m pretty proud of this particular storm.

It came and stayed for about 3 days snowing first and sticking for a while, and then, raining and melting just in time to start all over again.

But in the end, it was very brave snow and just fell and hung on like it wanted to show us…

that no matter what that silly groundhog said, it is, in fact, winter still–with a mind of it’s own.

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t mind one little bit.

In fact, if I woke up tomorrow to 3 feet of the white stuff, I’d be happy as a lark.

And so, with the little that we have, I’m wishing for the frost fairies to make a couple more passes by the place…

or five or six.

I’m mean really, think of how much I could get done if we were snowed in…for real!

Heh, heh, heh.


Cold Feet

Years ago, when Jillian, the boys and I lived in a place with tile floors in every room–we learned the value of a good, warm throw rug. In fact, this place got so cold at night that I made each of the kids their own rug for Christmas to keep their feet warm. Jillian’s was pink and white. Dane’s was the blue and white. And the Bald Kid’s was the yellow and white. But now that nearly all of those kids–Jillian and Dane–have gotten married and found their own places…with tile floors, they decided to take their rugs with them. What nerve!

Lucky for me, I still have the Bald Kid’s yellow and white one or I’d freeze solid when I step on that tile every morning. Luckier still, my sweet little momma left me a big tub of rug yarn to play with.

There wasn’t enough of one color to make a rug exactly like the old ones.

But I’m a creative soul, and I’m determined to figure something out.

Wish me luck…my feet are freezing!



Slip Sliding Away

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the freezing rain that we’ve been dealing with for the past few days–and finally, FINALLY it’s starting to melt. We were admittedly too busy staying warm in the house to bother with the camera. But a couple of people got the slick adventure on tape. So here you go~

Sliding around on BYU Campus and a new way to get to class. :}


Just trying to get in the car. Poor girl. I think her friend in the car must have had enough of a time getting there that she knew enough to get out her camera. This one almost made me cry for laughing!

I did venture out for a minute one day and the shop clerk came running out to the parking lot to warn me that it was a “skating rink” and to be careful and take her arm.” I had visions of us both hitting the deck in a heap, but luckily, we made it in safe and sound. Crazy stuff.

Weatherman says to expect it to snow for the next two days…


Heh, heh.



{: 3 Below :}



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