My Beany~


Never a creature so loved.

How I’ll miss those dear little paws.

Good bye my sweet, sweet Beany.

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Under The Weather


My sweet Beany has not been feeling so good for the last few days.


You know, sleeping a lot.


Thinking about sleeping a lot.


Now and then he will take a long drink of water, but not too much in the way of actual food.

Worries me.

I’m beginning to wonder if he remembers our deal.

Do you remember Beany?


I love you with all my might…

and you just live forever.

I think that’s fair.

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Kitty Tour


Just walking around the house, tidying a bit, and scoping out where all the kittys like to hang out. Jiffy likes a nice, soft place without too many wrinkles. Fleece is her favorite, but she’s adapting for the moment and choosing and afghan because the floor heater is nearby. She just wants to be warm and comfy.


Peach will take anything that the other cats have made look good. If they’ve EVER slept on it, she’s sure to be there next. Silly thing. She’s growing up so big and pretty.


And then, of course, there’s the guy. Good, old Beany. We flipped his bed over and he likes it ten times better than before–as long as it’s right at my feet. I’m certain it’s because he becomes totally invisible this way. So, invisible, in fact, that I’ve tripped over him twice. If it wasn’t for that little white paw…you wouldn’t even know he was there.

Well, that, and the snoring.

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Severus Forever

HP3-TRL-022C_rgb.jpg Film Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Those of you who know me, are most likely aware that I have a deep and ridiculous love for Severus Snape. Yeah…I know. You have your Valentine, and I’ll have mine.

But I’ve been crazy about this guy since waaay before he turned into one of the heroes of the whole wizarding world. Perhaps I have a deep seeded Bad Boy thing going on…I don’t know. But this picture here is what lit the torch. The second he instinctively threw his arms around the three kids–that he can’t stand–to protect them from the crazy old werewolf…oooh, I was a gonner. Pretty stuck on protective men. Incredibly attractive trait, even in a grumpy old wizard.

So, when someone, somewhere put together this recap of the life of Severus Snape from the beginning to the end…holy cow. Let’s just say that I had to put my make up on twice that day.

Perhaps I even bawled like a baby.

Rip Snape

Good thing I was alone.

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From Bethlehem~


For many years now, I’ve gotten a new nativity–of some sort– at Christmas time. If you’ll recall, last year’s was a rubber ducky set. Ridiculous, but very cute. I couldn’t resist.

This was never meant to be a tradition really, but more an activity to ease the heartache of losing an entire box of nativity sets that I’d collected over the past 30 years.  In one of the many moves our family made since becoming single, this most important box, somehow, never made it to us. In it we’d packed six or seven different sets that the kids had grown up with–most importantly, one that I bought while on a trip to Bethlehem back in the 70’s. To say that it broke my heart to lose that box is putting it lightly. However, I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason, and if the reason is that someone, somewhere needed that box full of baby Jesus more than we did–well then, I’m good with it.


This year, my dear daughter April gave me a gift. An incredibly beautiful gift. When she heard that her In-laws were going to the Holy Land, she arranged to have them find a new nativity set– hand chosen for me, in the town of Bethlehem. Oh, my goodness what a perfect job they did.


It is beautiful! The detailed carving work is amazing and each piece has it’s own personality, distinct and lovely.

When I was in Bethlehem a million years ago, I bought the only set I could afford. I loved it for that reason, but the craftsmanship was very low scale. In fact, the running joke was, “Don’t look at the faces too closely or you won’t be able to tell a donkey from a shepherd!” Yeah, it was kinda bad.

But this set…is simply gorgeous!! Joseph’s staff is removable and baby Jesus isn’t carved into the manger. You can actually take him out…which fact we’ve learned over and over as we keep finding him in random places. That Magoo! It’s fun to take each piece and study it for awhile to appreciate it’s individual beauty. Mary is smiling, the wise men are incredibly ornate and the sheep and other animals look…real. It’s breathtaking I tell you.


Such a treasure, such a blessing, such a gift of love this Christmas!

Thank you, my sweet daughter.

Your thoughtfulness has healed my heart.

I love it beyond words. And you too.

Merry Christmas.




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