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Poor Poor Baby


Oh, to watch this little Magoo, having his first real taste of this exotic, lovely treat…


one would certainly think that he was being force fed something scary…

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horrific even.


Certainly it must be a dreadful tasting thing. Something so terrible that it makes a baby cry…


and then gag.

Poor, poor baby.

Come on now.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be good…





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Catching Santa

I LOVE these guys!


How To Entertain The Kids

…Uncle Dane style.

I know…I know. Better than the circus, right?



~30 Days of Thankful~


{: Further Proof :}



The Toe Biter

Since he’s gotten a couple of teeth, Mr. Magoo has decided that there are many, many things in this world that he can bite.

One of them, unfortunately, would be, and unsuspecting person’s toes.  :/

But even for the sake of a possibly funny picture, I couldn’t actually let him do it–and risk the girlie losing a didget so I said, “Hey, dude!” just loud enough to stop him. He turned and let go. Doesn’t he look like he’s saying, “Whaaaat?”

But I was there, and I’m telling you that he came close, very, very close to giving Miss Chompy’s big toe a good, hard, think-bear-trap-type bite…and she knew it too. You see, she’s been to this place before and though she’s a patient, gentle, loving big sister–those two teeth are much like a highly sophisticated hole punch when they meet soft tissue. I too am a witness.

I was, however, determined to prove to you that we do indeed have a little wild man on the loose in these parts.

And now that I have my proof, my only advice to strangers in town would be…

wear your shoes.



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