That Old Red Van

 100 Happy Days #48001

Oh, this old, sweet, silly, heroic, ridiculous red van.

As you may remember, it tried very hard to die a few months back which led to some exciting, unheard of behavior on my part.


But then, what to do with the red van…hmmmmmm?


Well, it didn’t seem prudent–or respectful for that matter, to just send it off to the junk yard to be crushed up into tuna cans.

No, no. That wouldn’t be right.


So, we had a very kind man come and tow it to the shop for one last fix up.


And what do you know? For less than $100 it is up and running just fine…

and on to it’s new home with a sweet new family that promised to love it nearly as much as we have.

Gr vanGood-bye old girl.

You’ve held a special place in our hearts.

We’ll never forget you.


Note: This post was all good and fine until the driver’s side door mechanism went out, totally freaking out the sweet people who wanted to give our old girl a new home. So, sadly…she is being put to rest and recycled. We’ll no one can say we didn’t try.

I’ve decided that whenever I feel a twinge of guilt over it, I’ll just go for a drive in my little Ruby.

That should help.


doT Con 2013


If you’re ever going to attend the doTERRA Conventions–be sure to do it with people you’re crazy about. Best move I ever made.


Day one was awesome! Tons of happy people, but still orderly and organized. Inspiring lectures and amazing, great energy.


Welcomed by David Stirling–who is one of my favorites from among the owners. He’s just such a good man.


At one of the breaks, we went out to the foyer and signed the doTERRA statue. It’s ok…they told us to.




We went to the showcase hall and got to try the new products.


 Heeeeeee! They smelled soooo good!


It was very exciting!


Not to mention the cool loot that we could buy….


or that we got for freeeeeeee!



Essential Oil Adventure

People are steadily moving towards a more holistic approach to wellness–but when it came to essential oils–I was skeptical.

First of all, I expected them all to smell like cheap cologne, and secondly, who wants to walk around with oily fingers all the time? What a pleasant surprise to find the scent of Wild Orange, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lavender and Citrus Bliss–just to name a few. And because they are Certified Therapeutic Grade Pure, each one absorbs into the skin immediately. Huge, huge plus.

With a basic kit and within 24 hours…our family had solved half a dozen little problems and ailments in our own household, and all, with just a drop or two of these doTERRA oils.

Sore throat, tummy ache, sniffles, cranky toddler, cold sore, test anxiety, throbbing knee, fussy baby, headache–all relieved in minutes…seconds even. Fast, easy and very relaxing.

Yeah…seriously…I’m in.

Now then, with all the scary events having to do with Hurricane Sandy and all those poor folks on the east coast, the focus has really taken a shift at our place. We’ve given a lot of thought as to just how prepared–or not–we’d be in an emergency of our own. What I’ve discovered is that along with having a 72 hour kit for each member of the household, essential oils will be an incredible addition as well.

Here are the top 3 reasons to have doTERRA Essential Oils in your emergency preparedness kit~

1) To help with injuries and other adverse health issues.
2) To help with emotional upset, severe stress and trauma.
3) To help with hygiene, cleanliness and reduced risk of infection.

Sounds like a good idea–right? Of course it does!

So, I’m excited to let you–my readers–know about a wonderful FREE class on how to bring your Emergency Preparedness to a whole new level. If you’ll be anywhere near the Orem, Utah area next week, I hope you’ll join us Friday November 30, at AromaTools 1351 W. 800 N. in Orem, from 7 to 8:30 pm.

I’ll have a busload of Homemade Honey Spice Cough Drops for you to try, along with handy reference guides and samples. Refreshments will be served. Because space is limited, adults only please.

:} I hope you’ll join us!


~30 Days of Thankful~



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