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where citrus essential oils come from? 140

Look very closely at this picture. I was sitting in the car peeling a tangerine one chilly winter day.


When, to my delight, and because the sun was hitting  in just the right spot, I could clearly see all the lovely citrus-y oils, simply bursting out into the air.


And of course, those teeny, tiny oil drops above my fingertips, are just the ones released when I tore through the peel.


Look at the hundreds–perhaps thousands of drops left in the un-torn part of the strip. See them?


Imagine if you could capture all those misty little drops and save them in a container to use later. Wouldn’t that be incredible?


Gosh, you could use that oil to calm the emotions, soothe inflammation, ease water retention and swelling, detox the blood and liver, relieve colic, boost circulation and improve digestion…among other things. Citrus oils are just magic that way.

So, WHY hasn’t someone figured out how to capture all that goodness and bottle it?! Hmmmmm?


Oh, wait.

They did.

Heh, heh, heh.


Note: If you’d like to know more about doTERRA Essential Oils, or get some of these lovely things for yourself, check out Gracious Rain Essentials or message me.


A New Cozy Place

007 (3)

I’ve had quite a few requests for the recipes and instructions to make some of our amazingly effective essential oils blends…


as well as our famous Honey Spice Throat Drops…among other things.


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use essential oils to start taking care of your family’s heath a bit more–naturally…

003 (2)

or even if you’re just a bit curious about the oils and what they can do for your world–I have a new place you’ll love. It’s called Gracious Rain Essentials. Not so totally new, perhaps. But if you’re a subscriber to Gracious Rain, you may not have ever noticed the tab that will take you there and we don’t want you to miss all the fun!

Oh, I do hope you’ll come visit. In fact, I’d like it to be one more place that feels friendly and warm…

kinda like home.


Peaceful Child Blend

Laura gave us each a roller of Peaceful Child last Christmas–it’s incredible…and better than that–it works! Just a tad on the bottoms of a couple of little feet, and it’s calm, smooth sailing from there on. I love these oils!


Message me if you want more info.



Medicine Cabinet Makeover


Yes, yes. I’ll admit it. The hall cupboard was a mess. This is the top shelf and all the things you want to keep from the little people. Cleaners, bug spray, and umm…game pieces…apparently.


Second shelf was, sadly worse because with our newly acquired love of a more natural approach to healthcare, well…things on this shelf just got kinda stuffed in and neglected.


The first step was to gather and throw away everything that was old, outdated, expired or otherwise deadly. The bag was huge…trust me. I would have taken a picture of it but it sincerely embarrassed me. So, instead I snuck it out and dropped it in the trash. Next, I put all the old lotions and perfumes in a bucket and tried to figure out if I wanted to keep them or not. I looked up “perfume and lotion disposal” on Google and found that this calm, non-assuming little bucket holds “toxic, hazardous waste” and that I wasn’t suppose to dispose of it in the regular trash…it was that bad. Funny that it doesn’t say anything like that on the labels. It just tells me how to apply it to my FACE.  yikes.


It was amazing how much space there was once all the crazy, nasty, old stuff was gone.


 There was plenty of room for the cough drops, and light bulbs and nail polish and chap stick.


And best of all–I saved a nice, cozy spot for my oil box, smack-dab in the middle. Where we can all get at it.

Just as it should be.




Chest Rub Rollers

Remember the other day when I was brewing up these Chest Cold Rubs?

Well, I got a few more Essential Oils and since the concocting of potions is quite addicting– I made a couple more. I was asked by a few people on Facebook for the recipe–so I’ll just show you how it’s done.

First I picked up a six pack of 4 ml roller bottles from My Oil Business.

Next I took my new oils–Eucalyptus, Cloves and Lemon–

and dripped the exact number of drops in the bottle.

Next I took the roller cap…

and snapped it in.

You may have to screw the black lid on top to snap the roller down all the way.


I always make labels for the caps so I can decide each day what scent I’m drawn too.

Makes the bedtime ritual soothing and smell so good, not to mention keeping everybody healthy. We love these oils!

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Chest Rub Rollers
  • 15 drops doTERRA Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 15 drops doTERRA Clove Essential Oil
  • 15 drops doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
  1. Put drops in roller bottle and snap on the top. Shake gently. Apply to the chest or bottoms of feet to help with congestion.

More recipes coming soon.  :}

In the meantime–find more info here and please, please– “like” us on Facebook. :}



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