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Calming Lavender Cloud Dough

lavender cloud dough recipe

A soothing moldable dough that will give children a sensory experience and help them calm down at the same time. Where was this magical thing when I was raising kids?

Found it on Growing A Jeweled Rose. Can’t wait to try it for the grand-littles. I can see it now…

“Here my darlings. Play with this lovely…smushy…comforting dough…ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.”

“Grammy? Grammy?”

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Naturally Crisp and Clean












Remember when you were a kid, whenever you’d get an apple out of the fridge, if your mom was anything like mine, she’d say, “Be sure to wash it.” That always meant a quick rinse under the tap to wash off all the orchard dust or maybe the grocery guy’s fingerprints. I wasn’t quite sure.

But nowadays it’s even more important to wash off the even creepier stuff that’s on our fruit–the bug sprays and fertilizers and wax coatings–just to name a few.












What I’d never really considered doing was washing the fruit I was about to eat…with soap. But it makes sense. Some of what is on there will rinse right off, but the other stuff, especially the wax, will need soap. The easy choice for me was to wash the fruit with doTERRA OnGuard cleaning concentrate or even the foaming hand soap.

It’s natural and safe so, it was perfect. I diluted it and put it in a spray bottle and hosed the fruit down.












Next, I scrubbed them with a wash cloth…












then rinsed them under warm water…













until they were clean and shiny bright. Now, please know that I’m not so naive as to think that I can was away every single spooky thing that may be lurking about on our produce–but it’s a place to start.

And it feels like a good one.



Mixed Fruit

Make fruit more attractive to your picky eater by preventing them from turning brown. Add 3-5 drops of dōTERRA lemon essential oil to a glass spray bottle–with a small amount of filtered water and shake. Apply to fruit, such as apple or banana slices, and let sit for one minute, then rinse. Voila! Pretty fruit for lunch…later today. 

We are just so dang clever, aren’t we?



Ever Wondered~

where citrus essential oils come from? 140

Look very closely at this picture. I was sitting in the car peeling a tangerine one chilly winter day.


When, to my delight, and because the sun was hitting  in just the right spot, I could clearly see all the lovely citrus-y oils, simply bursting out into the air.


And of course, those teeny, tiny oil drops above my fingertips, are just the ones released when I tore through the peel.


Look at the hundreds–perhaps thousands of drops left in the un-torn part of the strip. See them?


Imagine if you could capture all those misty little drops and save them in a container to use later. Wouldn’t that be incredible?


Gosh, you could use that oil to calm the emotions, soothe inflammation, ease water retention and swelling, detox the blood and liver, relieve colic, boost circulation and improve digestion…among other things. Citrus oils are just magic that way.

So, WHY hasn’t someone figured out how to capture all that goodness and bottle it?! Hmmmmm?


Oh, wait.

They did.

Heh, heh, heh.


Note: If you’d like to know more about doTERRA Essential Oils, or get some of these lovely things for yourself, check out Gracious Rain Essentials or message me.


Convention Crazies


When you sit still behaving for too long…strange things start to happen.


The most rational looking people can just…snap without warning.


It does make one want to be a bit more careful…


and not just sit by any random group of people.


Because you never know…


the crazies may just want to follow you home.

I hope so.



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