My Personal Trainer

100 Happy Days #19


I have a nice little workout routine that I try my best to do each morning. First I have a set of limbering exercises designed to strengthen my joints and muscles. Then, I usually walk on the treadmill for about 25 minutes. Granted, I don’t always accomplish everything that I’d like to every single morning, but you know…things get in the way now and then. But I do try.

Miss Chompy must have thought that I wasn’t working quite hard enough the other day, because while I was walking she was busy drawing a book for me…

of new exercises.

She said, “When you’re done with all that stuff you’re doing, I have a book of more work you can do. The pictures will show you how.”

Then she left me to get back to work.

Good thing I took my vitamins this morning.

Cause you know~ working with a trainer is tough business.

Heh, heh, heh.


Those Hippie Oils

100 Happy Days #18


Little Miss Chompy had that creepy tummy bug that’s been going around the neighborhood.

Three drops of DigestZen on her sweet little tummy.

We stomped that bug…in one hour.

Using these oils make me so happy!



Monkey Biz

100 Happy Days #14

001Our littles are really enjoying the Curious George cartoons that are on Netflix these days. It is a soft, gentle, sometimes even a bit mushy show and I like it much more than I thought I would. But I confess–I love Miss Chompy’s picture of little George even more. A ton more, in fact.

Tell me, if you can, that this doesn’t make you happy too?



Ancient Hair Beads

100 Happy Days #2


Years ago, when my girlies were younger, they wore all kinds of pony tails–up, down, one, two, and side ways. Finally there came a day when they just didn’t use all the kid stuff to hold all that hair back, but for some reason, I just couldn’t part with the beads. I’ve kept them in a pretty jar with a bright pink lid, for years and years.

Now, to my delight, Miss Chompy can think of nothing better than to sit for an hour and string the beads to make a “beautiful necklace for Grammy.”

If only it would fit over my big old head.

A bracelet, perhaps?

Either way…it makes me happy.


Slipper Fest


Quite proud of myself for the supreme slipper fest that has been going on around here lately. The snow keeps coming down outside and in a house loaded with tile floors–well, let’s just say that we’re all wearing out our socks just trying to keep our feet warm. So, the slippers will come in handy. I even added elastic to the top of these ones so that the kids can put them on easier without needing to tie and untie them all the time.

Next up, a pair for the bitty-boy. We may just need to find a way to glue them to his feet though–as he seems to think that socks are an evil invention created strictly to torment him. I’ll figure out a way to make them work.

Just one teensy problem…


Santa brought me a pretty little distraction.


I mean….back to work!




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