Can’t Beat Free~

100 Happy Days #30


You might have no earthly idea what you’re looking at right now–so I’ll tell you. It’s my doTERRA order for this month. Check out all those zeros, would you? Know what those are? Hmmmm? Those represent all the FREE stuff that I got this month by using my Free Product Points. I’ve been in doTERRA for over a year now so I get 30% of everything I spend back in free product credit. Find me a store that does THAT! Anyway, this is my receipt for $198 worth of products that I didn’t pay a dime for, thank you very much. Makes me pretty darn happy. And that’s not to mention the regular income each of my kids and I are getting. Awesome, I tell you.

If you’d like more info on how this works–just let me know. I’m thrilled to blab, especially about doTERRA. I mean seriously–

who doesn’t like amazing stuff~

when you can get it for




Those Hippie Oils

100 Happy Days #18


Little Miss Chompy had that creepy tummy bug that’s been going around the neighborhood.

Three drops of DigestZen on her sweet little tummy.

We stomped that bug…in one hour.

Using these oils make me so happy!



About Time

100 Happy Days #1


Yeah, I’m quite certain this pretty little thing is making me happier than anyone has a right to be. I’ve never actually walked in to a car dealership and bought a ever. But to walk in and say, “Yeah. That one,” and drive out with it was…well…

it was magic, I tell you.


Please understand that I’ve behaved quite well for a number of years–19 in fact. Truth be told, I have loved this crazy, silly red van that has driven all my children to every single important thing that could possibly be imagined. It’s been a solid old trooper…indeed.



it never made me look out the window…

and giggle.

:} #thankyoudoterra


{ The Good Shepherd }


Things To Love At Home


This silly kitty who somehow thinks she runs the place.


A few solitary cucumbers lurking out in the garden among the pumpkins…and weeds. gak.


More glorious crochet to keep my hands busy.


A big brave three-legged kitty with lots of black fur growing back in, who actually does run the place.


Fresh bananas for my favorite bowl of cereal.


A great bit of mending that needs to be done.


A busload of plums that ought to be eaten very soon…I’ll get right on that.


A sparkly new magnet for my file cabinet…


to go with all the rest.


What are you loving at home today?



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