Avatar Aang~ All Grown Up


Positively the best costume ever. Yesiree, now that cute little Avatar Aang is grown up and only seen in flashbacks and visions in the new series Legend of Korra, it only seemed fitting that The Bald Guy should pay just a bit of tribute to one of our favorite guys.


I mean, he has the bald head for it, and the beard…well, he’s been working on that for awhile now.


It turned out pretty darn perfect–if I do say so myself.  And perfect enough to win First Place in the costume contest at Ebay.

Yeah…that’s dang good.


Good match, wouldn’t you say?


After all, a guy’s gotta have the right “get up” if he’s gonna save the world.

Heh, heh, heh.


PS~ If you want details on the costume construction…stay tuned.


The Shop Is Now~ OPEN!


Oh, my goodness–how long it’s been since I’ve had the time to put anything new…or let’s face it, anything at all in my pretty little Gracious Rain Shop.


But the day has come, and now, after weeks of prep and focus, I finally have enough items to stock the digital shelves.


There’s still not a bazillion items, just enough I’d say. But you can be sure that what is in there, was hand made with all the love and care I could muster.


Perhaps you’ll see it in the stitches, somehow. Perhaps you feel it in the pretty little models that turned up magically and posed so politely.


At any rate, I do hope you’ll stop by the Gracious Rain Shop and check it out. Maybe something will just leap out at you and call your name. I do hope so!


If you’re so inclined, please leave a kind word or two, a tweet, a pin or a Facebook “like.” All of it helps to spread the word.

We’re baaack!

And…I’ll love you forever.



Honey Spice Throat Drops Season

100 Happy Days #54


Ahhh…here we are again, at that lovely time of year. My absolute favorite, to be exact. Leaves changing and falling everywhere. The holidays approaching. That nippy cool snap in the air. But with all this loveliness also comes the musty furnace coming on at night and the cool air coming on in the day. It’s a balance from hour to hour to not roast or freeze. At our house, sometimes all these changes brings an occasional bout with the sniffles for the big and little folks.


Must be time to whip up a batch of Honey Spice Throat Drops! Yummo.


Now, I need to tell you–if you venture out and make your own throat drops using this recipe, please, PLEASE go HERE first and find out what Hard Crack Stage actually is for your area at this time of year. It’s not hard to figure out, but it is different everywhere and changes with the weather and moisture in the air. It’s pretty aggravating to follow the directions and have the same temperature I use actually not set up, or burn in your area. Do the test and your drops will work.


Mine were a tad more sticky this time because it was raining outside while I was making them. I should have cooked them a minute or two longer. But they still tasted great and did the job.

Yee haw. I love these things!

Honey Spice Throat Drops


Stained Glass Again

100 Happy Days #53


This really is one of those projects that I take up and put down again, according to my patience meter for the day. Some days I can barely look into the sewing bag where the Stained Glass Squares in progress live, and other days I can’t wait to mess with them again.


The problem for me, is that I’m not so good at reading a pattern that doesn’t come with a lot of step by step pictures. Blame it on our photos of everything culture, that we have now, but if I can see a project up close, I can usually figure it out. But if there’s just one picture of an afghan thrown over a chair for me to copy–well…it’s going to take a little more time and a bucket load of reworking.


At this point, I’ve had to pretty much write the instructions out myself. Not because there is anything wrong with the original pattern, but more because I need pictures…like a seven year old…and there aren’t any. But I shall merrily carry on until I can’t bear it another second. Then back in the bag it will go to give my brain a rest for another little while.

One of these days, I’ll finish this silly thing.

But for now, I’m content that it’s getting closer.

That will do.


I’m Melting…

100 Happy Days #52

Heh, heh, heh…


Early this summer–back in June, I took on a life change challenge so I could be more healthy and get in better shape. In the nearly 2 months since I started I have lost 14.4 lbs. My legs and arms are getting stronger and my back doesn’t ache anymore. Everything I do every day is getting easier–just MOVING is getting easier! I know how far I still have to go, but this is life changing for me.
If you are interested–I’m using the TERRAfit program with doTERRA products and sincerely, I could do this forever because even after 2 months–it’s actually fun.

There’s a healthy person inside this body and I intend to find her!

PS~ For more details of this melting journey go to my other site: Gracious Rain Essentials



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