Chest Rub Rollers

Remember the other day when I was brewing up these Chest Cold Rubs?

Well, I got a few more Essential Oils and since the concocting of potions is quite addicting– I made a couple more. I was asked by a few people on Facebook for the recipe–so I’ll just show you how it’s done.

First I picked up a six pack of 4 ml roller bottles from My Oil Business.

Next I took my new oils–Eucalyptus, Cloves and Lemon–

and dripped the exact number of drops in the bottle.

Next I took the roller cap…

and snapped it in.

You may have to screw the black lid on top to snap the roller down all the way.


I always make labels for the caps so I can decide each day what scent I’m drawn too.

Makes the bedtime ritual soothing and smell so good, not to mention keeping everybody healthy. We love these oils!

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Chest Rub Rollers
  • 15 drops doTERRA Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 15 drops doTERRA Clove Essential Oil
  • 15 drops doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
  1. Put drops in roller bottle and snap on the top. Shake gently. Apply to the chest or bottoms of feet to help with congestion.

More recipes coming soon.  :}

In the meantime–find more info here and please, please– “like” us on Facebook. :}

2 Responses to Chest Rub Rollers

  • *LyndiLou* says:

    I love that there are so many different ways to use all the oils. It’s great being able to help everyone be healthier! Thanks for sharing this great “recipe!”


  • Jenny West says:

    you can top those roller up with fractionated coconut oil and adding that will make the oils behave like a sustained release combo. Dr Hill just offered that info at the last presentation, that the fats in the FCO help the oils work longer and not just briefly after direct application.
    last day at the beach for me, sorry to say.


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