So Lovely

I must confess–I’m quite new to the idea of machine quilting. I mean, honestly, in my day quilting something meant tying yarn knots all over the darn thing till it held together. But nowadays–that’s just not good enough for these beautiful quilts. My daughter, April has made the leap and started machine quilting with her very own machine!

And get this–every…single…stitch is hand guided–no computerized patterns going on here! Each one she finishes is simply breathtaking. So much time. So much work. So much gorgeousness. Is that a word?

I’m so pleased to show you some of her incredible work and I hope you’ll pop on over to her site to see more of it. You’ll likely faint from the beauty of it all.

Oh, and if you have a masterpiece–from table runner to California King–that you’d like professionally machine quilted…trust me…

she’s your girl–at Prairie Grass Patterns.

Just remember, I knew her first.


10 Responses to So Lovely

  • Kathy says:

    Love the new look! Aren’t her quilts gorgeous? I have been able to get about 15 minutes of sewing in every day so I should have another quilt ready for April in about 2 weeks. 😉


    Launi Reply:

    You simply amaze me. New baby AND quilting…how do you do it?


  • Tracy says:

    Seriously..those are just stunning. April is just awesome, and i still can’t believe that she does this all by hand on her machine. They look way too perfect! Way to go April!! WOOHOO!


  • April says:

    Aww, thanks Mom! xoxo


  • *LyndiLou* says:

    She does a great job! :)


  • Cari Stokes says:

    Launi – I stalk your blog because I love your genuine, heartfelt posts, your grand babies and your cats! :) I actually have it listed among my favorite sites at the side of my blog so I can frequent it with a simple, quick click of my mouse. I am a mom of teens, so my blog is filled with drill team & basket ball photos – rather boring for those outside my family. I’m commenting now because not only do I enjoy stalking your blog, but I am in LOVE with the quilt you have here and I NEED the pattern. Or atleast the name of the pattern so I can find it. I have volunteered to make my niece a quilt for her wedding in March and I have been looking for the perfect pattern! I think her color choices of blue, red, and yellow will be wonderful with that pattern! Can you please share the pattern or name of the pattern with me? O – & I’ll need to have it beautifully machine quilted, so I’ll have to contact April when I finish it too!!! Thanks! Cari


    Launi Reply:

    Hi Cari~
    Thanks so much for the kind words. I am sooo glad you’re here with us and I deeply appreciate your comments. They sincerely mean the world to me. :}

    Now as far as the patterns–I’ll let April answer that one in the next comment, because she knows all that fancy stuff. There are actually two different quilts shown here–one is her own pattern and the other one was designed by a friend. Both are available, so I’ll let her tell you where. Oh, and she would be thrilled to quilt it for you!

    You–my dear, are adorable and I’m so glad we’re friends.


    Cari Stokes Reply:

    @Launi, Thank you so much, Launi! Hopefully I get you meet you when (and it will probably be a while) I have April machine quilt my niece’s quilt.



    April Reply:

    Hi Cari–
    The quilt I think you’re referring to is the 2nd picture. The pattern is called Dream Big, and can be found in Camille Roskelley’s book, Simplify. It’s a really fun pattern and goes together without much hassle. The other two pictures are from one of my patterns, Grammy’s scrap basket, which you can purchase on my website, When you’re ready, I’d love to quilt it for you!
    April Rosenthal


    Cari Stokes Reply:

    Thank you so much! They are both beautiful quilts! Your quilting is gorgeous and I would LOVE you to quilt it for me! I will not have the quilt done for her wedding :( , but hopefully sometime late March or April. I will contact you then!!!

    Thank you again, for sharing the patterns with me!


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