Rainbow Granny Bunting

Well, I just haven’t had this much fun in a lonnnng time–and then to have the results turn out oh, soooo adorable!!  Huge, unexpected plus.

What started out yesterday as an enormous pile of granny triangles—became magically transformed…

into the sweetest little bunting I’ve ever seen in my livin’ life—with just few more stitches to link them all together.

Last week, I searched the crochet universe until just the perfect triangle caught my eye over at Crochet With Raymond. It was love at first sight I tell you!

After a few days of crocheting these fun little Grannies I found the perfect way to link them together over at Carina’s Craftblog.


I love this thing so much I can hardly stop taking pictures of it. Like having a celebrity living in the building. Now all we need is to throw a party to celebrate this sweet little work of art.

And so I can hang it up and just stare at it for a few days.


10 Responses to Rainbow Granny Bunting

  • Natalia says:

    oh my gosh, Launi! I rarely email a response anymore because I am sure you get so many, but this one is great!! I love the bright colors you chose! My son is turning one this Thursday and I am scouring the web to find ideas for decorating but on a budget. As he is my 3rd, the first birthday will be a bit more laid back. We will still celebrate but not BIG TIME because it isn’t financially frugal 😉


    Launi Reply:

    Oh–please, please, PLEASE keep making comments! I live for them!! In fact, I’m constantly begging for the silly things. :}
    I’m so glad this fun little bunting will help with your party. You’ll be surprised at how fast it goes together.
    Truly happy you’re here.


  • Kim says:

    CUTE!!!! And what time is the party? I’ll be there (in my dreams).


    Launi Reply:

    Oh, I wish you would come! I’d have a party just for that. :}


  • *LyndiLou* says:

    It turned out awesome! 😀 I love the bright colors too… and it really does make me feel like celebrating as well. You could always use it as a St. Patrick’s Day Decoration… it’s nice and rainbow-y! :) Great work!


  • April says:

    Dang woman. That’s one cute little project. :) Excellent work on the pictures, too.


  • Jenny West says:

    being at the beach, they look like swim suit parts……


  • janet says:

    I love the granny triangles what stitches do you use ffor the edging 😀


  • Marilyn Menges says:

    How do I obtain the pattern for the Rainbow Granny Bunting? Would love to make this.
    Thank you. Marilyn Menges mamenges@gmail.com


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