Cracker Barrel Holiday

A chocolate moose 002

Ooohhh…I love this place! Incredible food, retro candy and toys and games that just can’t be found anymore. Here’s the good part…

If you are and avid “after Christmas Special” shopper–you won’t want to miss this!  After Christmas–Cracker Barrel puts all their Christmas everything–on sale for 70% off.  This is big news since the prices are already low enough to start with.

Christmas 2009 054

This little blown glass snowman was 97 cents–before the sale.

I’m only letting you in on this well guarded secret because…

Christmas 2009 047

people keep asking me where we get such pretty ornaments every year.

Christmas 2009 042

It’s getting to where–if I didn’t get it as a child, or make it myself…

Christmas 2009 048

then it’s a pretty good guess…

Christmas 2009 060

that it came from Cracker Barrel. No, this is not a paid announcement. I just love this place.

Christmas 2009 059

Some of these guys are even cute enough–or hairless enough–for the Bald Kid–which is saying something. His tastes in Christmas ornaments usually look something like…

Christmas 2009 044


Yeah, it’s Squidward…in a Santa hat and beard.

Definately NOT from Cracker Barrel.

I probably didn’t need to tell you that last bit. I’m just saying…

A chocolate moose 003

So I’m doing you a big favor. Click here to see if there is a Cracker Barrel and all the Christmas stuff you’ll ever need for next year at 70% off–right by your house. If there is–go there. Go now.

You’ll thank me.

8 Responses to Cracker Barrel Holiday

  • Kim Chalfant says:

    I love Cracker Barrel!!!! But there aren’t any here in southern Cali. But when I’m out of town, we always have to stop. Just ask my hubby. I stop at every one I see. But I’ve only eaten at one once. I just love to shop there.

    I picked up some clearance Christmas items at Target yesterday for 75% off. Woo hoo!!!


    Launi Reply:

    Hey KIM! Isn’t there just something about opening a tub of Christmas decorations and finding a bag of BRAND NEW stuff? That’s just one of my favorite things. I forget every year what I bought on clearance the year before. It’s always such a fun surprise.
    I’ve missed you–where’ve you been?


  • Kathy says:

    I love Cracker Barrel! I love the down home cooking. It reminds me of my Grandma’s cooking! Sadly, I don’t think I stayed around long enough to shop. I might have to!


    Launi Reply:

    The bald kid and I just went here and had lunch the other day. He had never been. Man–he loved it. Huge portions of REAL food. His own personal heaven.


  • Jenny says:

    Happiest New Year to you!
    I’m in St. Louis and still waiting on a baby
    could you send us some birth energy please?
    Love you to bits,


    Launi Reply:

    Happy New Year to you toooooo!


  • *LyndiLou* says:

    Cracker Barrel is pretty fun!!! I love all the hidden treasures throughout the store! :) The awesome candy, the ornaments, the toys! AWESOME!!! I can only remember eating there once though… so let’s go!!! *:D*


    Launi Reply:

    Retro candy–the very best!


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