Easy Origami Envelope

A Advent 006

If you’d like to make these cute little “Flap Lock” Origami Envelopes–all you’ll need is a piece of square paper…any size. I used Christmas scrapbook paper.

A Advent 007

1. Fold the paper in half to form a triangle.

A Advent 008

Make sure your edges are even.

A Advent 009

2. Take the top corner of the first layer and fold it down to the bottom edge.

A Advent 010

3. fold the right corner about 1/3  of the way to the left.

A Advent 012

4. Take the left corner and fold it to the other end. Your envelope should be rather square shaped now.

A Advent 013

5. Fold the point of the flap over the other flap back to the left edge of the model.

A Advent 014

6. Fold the point of the flap up to the top corner of the flap.

A Advent 015

6. Make a squash fold on this flap.

A Advent 016

7. Make sure you flatten it well, as this will help secure the envelope closed.

A Advent 017

8. Fold the very top point down to the bottom edge. Or, the bottom edge of the square you formed by “squashing.”

A Advent 019

9. Put the top flap (the portion you just folded down) into the “pocket” that was formed by the squash fold.

And there you have it!

A Advent 020

Now scurry off and make a million of these–or at least 24 if you’re using them for the Family Advent Countdown Calendar.

Not in the mood to fold your own? Check out the pre-folded Origami Envelopes here!

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