The Blood Moon

100 Happy Days #35




They’re calling it a once in a lifetime chance to see the moon this way. It’s totally up there in the sky completely orange. It’s beautiful, but alas…

this is as good as my camera would do.

What a great planet.

That one…

and this.



The Dude

100 Happy Days #34

014This old cat–

~that wakes me up at 3 am because he wants something different to eat…

~that still thinks he can beat up great big dogs, like he used to…

~that once caught a fly in mid air by slapping his two paws together…

~that is on a owner imposed diet of 100% meat…

~that is back to weighing over 10 pounds…

~that has a thicker, shiney-er coat than he’s ever had in his life…

~that has survived four deadly infections, a near-completely severed tail, bone cancer and multiple b-b-shots…

~that has no idea he is missing a back leg…

~that has moved with us 5 different times…

~that likes to lay by my feet…no matter where I am sitting…

~that has front claws like grappling hooks which he uses to jump on my bed and which will easily go through your toenail if you happen to get in his way…

~that is three times older than my oldest grandchild and 3 years younger than my grown up son…

makes me very happy–except for the toenail part–indeed.



Lennon & Maisy

100 Happy Days #33

I love these girls. Their sweet, beautiful voices just make me so happy.



Gotta Have Priorities

100 Happy Days #32


The kids used to say that if there was ever a fire, I’d yell for the kids to get out, then I’d grab my sewing machine. Well, that’s not entirely true. I would have gotten the kids out safely first, no matter what they thought, and then gotten my sewing machine out. I admit, I do love my sewing machine. But things have changed a bit, and perhaps gotten much simpler. Today, if, Heaven forbid, there was fire, I would still see that my family was safe, but then I’d grab my hook jar. This is my collection of crochet hooks that I’ve gathered through the years that are so perfect, I don’t ever want to be without them. See the big pink one on the middle left? I’ve had that silly thing since I was a teenager. Now that’s a long time! Notice that I’ve used it so much the enamel is worn off the top.

Luckily, I can just stuff the whole thing in my pocket and run…you know… on the way to wake the family…and get them to safety…

if there was ever a fire.

The sewing machine will have to fend for it’s self because I’ll be busy…

going back for the yarn.



Flower Vines

100 Happy Days #31


Here’s just one of the projects in one of the crochet bags that I drag around with me everywhere. It’s call “Flower Vines.” It will make a lovely afghan…for someone.  Haven’t figured that part out yet.

Maybe me.




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